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- Test User

07 May 2021

However, we have made our website multilingual in a “home made” way and we’d like to share with everybody who might be interested. It’s really easy, and, the most important for us, it works.
First, we must state that we tried to use the WPML and the Polylang plugins, but they did not work at all, in fact our web crashed in both trials (this is just our experience).
So, how we made it? We inserted a small image at our front page, an image with many flags, and we added to this image a text with the name of different languages we wanted to add to our website. Then, we translated the front page to each new language and we made a NEW PAGE for every translation text. After that, we inserted a link forwarding to that translated page into each text line of that flags’ image from the front page, so every time one clicks to that link it opens a new page with the new language. And so for each new language.
Therefore, we used no plugin. You can see it in our website, if you find it interesting, or write to us.

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